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Venom Vicious is released his new album called Gutta Revolution to the people. Go to retail stores and pick up a copy today for yourself. I am doing dropshipping right now to have  another stream of income. I am doing well for the moment. So Stay Tuned...


 Venom Vicious has a new single out called Im' For The People. Check out the song right now on this website.

Watch Venom Save the nation one day at a time. He is for peace and change. 













Do an interview with Venom. A one time and only deal!!!




 Southern Achiever 

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You can also purchase the album on


Venom's fourth album includes the first single, "In The B" with the most views on youtube.

Recent News! 2/15/2013

Venom completed his fourth album Jesus Is My Savior. Jesus Is My Savior talks about racism, discrimination, politics, street life, and the Sandy Hook School shooting. This is Venom's spiritual album as well.


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